Luxury - Etsy Style

Skipadoodle, who sells all things vintage - great tin toys from the 30s and 40s - has kindly included one of my note cards in his list of luxury. Thanks. Please check out the other luxuriousness by clicking here.
Polly Jackson of Paint-Paint-Paint has this wonderful montage provided by Barry Landua featuring the results of the Kitchen Paint-Off. Everyone is so talented. Next month's theme is Water.



The Opinionated Copper Pot

My husband thinks the copper jug represented in this painting is very anthropomorphic. It does indeed appear to have something on its mind.

Nothing too exciting here. I was just trying to achieve a metallic look without metallic paint.

Such a Small World

Back on April 6 Tina Tarnoff of Thought Patterns published a few snapshots of her place. If you look closely you can see the notepad featuring one of my paintings.

To think that was sitting on my chair in Toronto and now it's sitting on Tina's chair in San Francisco. Small world.

Please check out Tina's wonderful blog and her Etsy shop. She is so very talented.